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At Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette and Blythe we have settled or tried literally thousands of cases over past 35 years. Most of the cases settle by agreement with the opposing insurance companies at some point, often times at the Courthouse steps. All cases that settle are settled because of assessments of the risks of trial. Some cases end up going to trial because no agreement can be reached.

We have tried to judgments cases of each of the following types: air crash cases, asbestos cancers, automobile versus automobile collisions, automobile versus pedestrian collisions, commercial trucking crashes, animal bite cases, slip and falls, defective product caused amputations, construction site accidents, construction defect related property damage, motorcycle accidents and medical malpractice cases. The types of injuries involved in cases that we have taken to trial include amputations, spinal injuries, brain damage, fractures, burns, mesothelioma, facial scars, paraplegia, quadriplegia and fatalities. We have been fortunate enough to have won for our clients the substantial majority of the cases that we have tried, many of which resulted in six and seven figure judgments for in their favors.

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Areas of Practice


We have represented families affected by mesothelioma / asbestos-related cancers throughout Southern California and the broader United States, recovering millions in verdicts and settlements for the victims and their families.


Manufacturers have a duty to ensure that safe products are placed on the market. When people are injured from the use of defective products, our attorneys are ready to hold the makers of those products accountable for the injuries they have caused.


Automobile accidents can have numerous serious consequences, including life altering injuries, costly property damage, lost wages, and wrongful death. Our Southern California accident attorneys can skillfully handle your case.


Hospitals, physicians, and other health care providers are required by law to follow safety regulations and healthcare standards. We work with medical experts to expose negligent care that results in injuries, medical complications and death.


Construction work is inherently dangerous, with thousands of workers being injured or killed every year across America. Our Southern California attorneys have a strong understanding and comprehension of your rights in the area.


Motorcycle accidents can result in life-altering, serious bodily injuries, not to mention the damage to expensive property. Our motorcycle accident attorneys have obtained numerous settlements and verdicts for the victims of motorcycle crashes.


Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette & Blythe

There is an old saying that the difference between steak and eggs is that the hen is involved, but the steer is committed. At our law firm, we have become committed by two strong forces: the rewards which go with being able to help our clients and the press of the sheer mass of ever expanding laws being passed and technical data evolving.

I had the choice to go into several areas of the law. Prosecuting criminals, being a corporate lawyer, or a real estate practice were all the options that I considered when I started law school. I went to law school at night because I needed to work.

I took a job with an insurance company in its injury claims department. The particular assignment was a great one for me because of the exposure to many different kinds of liabilities and different types of injuries. I dealt with expert witnesses in the multiple areas of medical specialties, as well as economics and engineering. I quickly learned that seemingly well qualified experts would look at the same case and come up with diametrically different conclusions. It was also true that the experts were almost always paid far more money for being expert witnesses than they would performing the job descriptions of their professions. Curiously, it seemed that many experts would adopt the position of the party that hired him.

As law school graduation drew near, I considered accepting job offers from the insurance company and the different law firms which specialized in representing insurance companies. Defending product liability claims were of particular interest. Those were days of high inflation. I had accepted the notion that product liability cases were bad, because they would drive up the costs of products which would be inflationary.

Then a pivotal experience came my way.

I attended an educational seminar on product liability. The speaker addressed the question about the inflationary pressures of product liability. He pointed out that the costs of injury were the costs that were inflationary. The cost involved in designing machines so that the dangers were either designed out or safety guarded out were but a drop in the bucket compared to the loss of productive work time and medical expenses which attend a serious injury.

At the meeting, I realized that obtaining fair compensation for injured people was something I could be good at and feel good about doing. I knew that the injured people needed good representation. The insurance companies make money paying as little as they can. They hire lawyers who specialize in helping the companies to continue paying as little as they can. Most of the attorneys representing the injured had much less experience with the different kinds of cases and injuries than the insurance companies' lawyers. Even the attorneys who were specialists for claimants would usually fall short of the experience of the insurance lawyers. I had an advantage that came from my employment with the insurance company I worked for. I had first hand experience across a wide area and more importantly, an understanding of how the companies worked and how to deal with the experts.

So I set out to become a lawyer for the injured. My clients were literally the injured, maimed, widowed, and orphaned. Over the years, there has been a huge growth in the law. It would be virtually impossible to keep up with every case in every area. In the personal injury field alone, there are hundreds of cases and laws which come down each year and can and do make big differences in the outcome of our client's cases. Added to that are the different medical advances and engineering know how that keep evolving. It takes commitment to keep up.

The decision to be the lawyer for the injured has taken me down a road. The other areas where I could have traveled are long since behind me. The time and energy that would have been required to keep on top of the development of the law and technology in the other areas have been invested instead into the issues that apply to the injured.

Do I have any regrets? No, none, I get to face fascinating challenges and help people in need. Our law firm is a busy one where we can make the differences that make the difference for people from all walks of life. We are able to contribute to advancing safety at home, on public property, and in the workplace.

Insurance Companies hire lawyers who specialize in helping the companies to continue paying as little as possible. We are lawyers who specialize in making the insurance companies pay what they should.

- Russell E. Nordstrom

The Law offices of Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette & Blythe have proven experience and success in representing plaintiffs in all areas of Personal Injury Law in the Southern California area.



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At Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette & Blythe, we have settled or tried thousands of cases over the past 35 years.

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