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At Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette and Blythe we have settled or tried literally thousands of cases over past 35 years. Most of the cases settle by agreement with the opposing insurance companies at some point, often times at the Courthouse steps. All cases that settle are settled because of assessments of the risks of trial. Some cases end up going to trial because no agreement can be reached.

We have tried to judgements cases of each of the following types: air crash cases, asbestos cancers, automobile versus automobile collisions, automobile versus pedestrian collisions, commercial trucking crashes, animal bite cases, slip and falls, defective product caused amputations, construction site accidents, construction defect related property damage, motorcycle accidents and medical malpractice cases. The types of injuries involved in cases that we have taken to trial include amputations, spinal injuries, brain damage, fractures, burns, mesothelioma, facial scars, paraplegia, quadriplegia and fatalities. We have been fortunate enough to have won for our clients the substantial majority of the cases that we have tried, many of which resulted in six and seven figure judgements in their favors.

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Areas of Practice


We have represented families affected by mesothelioma / asbestos-related cancers throughout Southern California and the broader United States, recovering millions in verdicts and settlements for the victims and their families.


Manufacturers have a duty to ensure that safe products are placed on the market. When people are injured from the use of defective products, our attorneys are ready to hold the makers of those products accountable for the injuries they have caused.


Automobile accidents can have numerous serious consequences, including life altering injuries, costly property damage, lost wages, and wrongful death. Our Southern California accident attorneys can skillfully handle your case.


Hospitals, physicians, and other health care providers are required by law to follow safety regulations and healthcare standards. We work with medical experts to expose negligent care that results in injuries, medical complications and death.


Construction work is inherently dangerous, with thousands of workers being injured or killed every year across America. Our Southern California attorneys have a strong understanding and comprehension of your rights in the area.


Motorcycle accidents can result in life-altering, serious bodily injuries, not to mention the damage to expensive property. Our motorcycle accident attorneys have obtained numerous settlements and verdicts for the victims of motorcycle crashes.


Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette & Blythe

Knowledge and Experience Gained from Hundreds of Injury Trials

  • Injury and Death Cases Tried to Juries
  • Injury and Death Cases Tried to Judges
  • Injury and Death Cases Tried to Arbitration Panels

Knowledge and Experience Gained from Injury Case Settlements

  • Cash Settlements
  • Minor’s Blocked Account Settlements
  • Structured Payout Settlements

Knowledge and Training Gained from Continuing Legal Education

  • Chairpersons of Continuing Legal Education Seminars
  • Frequent Speakers at Continuing Legal Education Seminars
  • Regular Attendees at Continuing Legal Education Seminars

The actual in-court experience provides us with insight into strategies that would be effective and how to put into action those strategies to give our clients the best chances to prevail. Since settlement decisions made by both sides involve trying to envision what would probably occur if we were to go to trial, we are able to provide emphasis on the factors that a judge and jury will be more likely to appreciate in your case based in part on how well such factors had fared in past trials. It is our belief that the one thing we know for sure is that we learn something from every case we try. The things we have learned and continue to learn make us better lawyers and enure to the benefit of our clients.

Continuing Legal Education

Our office has long been a major proponent of continuing legal education. There are a number of providers who organize and put forward seminars which educate attorneys about the many things that change over time in the laws and legal procedures. For example, each year the California Supreme Court and the California Courts of Appeal rule on hundreds of matters which often result in changes in the law. Also, the legislature passes new laws each year which the Courts are called upon to interpret. The educational seminars present speakers who lecture and provide written articles which deal with what is developing in an ever-developing legal landscape.

Our firm is proud to participate in the seminars as speakers and as listeners to what other speakers have to offer in their presentations. Our firm has been involved as co-chair of the largest annual seminar on personal injury law for more than 25 years. Russell Nordstrom has given over 80 presentations at legal seminars over the past 35 years.

  • Practical experience working in Emergency Rooms
  • Practical experience working on Construction Sites
  • Practical experience with Insurance Companies, defending the Insurance Co. and their insured.
  • Representing plaintiffs exclusively for over 35 yrs., with experience and success.

Many law firms suggest that they handle cases in all categories of personal injury law. As well, most attorneys are quick to point to their years of experience. The question, however, that must be addressed is the actual experience that your attorney has in handling a case similar to yours.

Every person's case is unique because every person is unique. Certainly their are common threads that bind case patterns together, however, the uniqueness of each case must be appreciated. There are legal issues unique to each case and there is the human element - human reality.

A competent law firm must be able to take the time to completely understand the uniqueness of both the case and the client. Your attorney should have a complete and knowledgeable understanding, not only of the law, but of your case.

Experience and expertise therefore, should translate into not only how many cases similar to yours, your law firm has handled but, of great importance, the trial experience of the law firm in handling cases similar to yours.

In representing injured people exclusively for over 35 years, our Law Firm has handled thousands of personal injury matters to successful conclusion.

We believe that a law firm and its members should have the experience and expertise, not only in handling a great number of cases similar to yours, but, also practical experience in doing so.

Our Attorneys have obtained a wide range of practical skills; working in emergency medicine; working in the construction industry; and working for insurance companies. These skills enable us to understand not only our client's injury but, to also appreciate the nature of the working environment that has led to a particular accident or injury. Intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the insurance industry is an invaluable asset allowing our law firm to obtain salutary results for our clients.

The Law offices of Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette & Blythe have proven experience and success in representing plaintiffs in all areas of Personal Injury Law in the Southern California area.



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At Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette & Blythe, we have settled or tried thousands of cases over the past 35 years.

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The most important resources of a law firm are the knowledge, exepertise and skills of its attorneys.

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Nordstrom, Steele, Nicolette & Blythe limits its pratice to personal injury and wrongful death claims.